About Us

Odigoo is above all a wish...

The wish to travel in a different way, to make more sustainable trips in accordance with the current reality and needs of the world

It is the wish to offer our customers extraordinary experiences, authentic human encounters and activities that reconnect them with nature.

Odigoo is the wish to take care of our destinations and the customers who trust us: having top quality service providers & business partners who also share our values; and working with local communities to support and enhance their development.

Odigoo is also a team...

A team of travel enthusiasts who have decided to embark on an ambitious project: show you another dimension of the destinations you have heard of or maybe already traveled to, to help you rediscover them in a different a way, a greener way!

Odigoo is, above all, a team of tourism professionals who will deliver you top quality services that will make you create memories for life.

Our deep knowledge of each destination, our ability to adapt our products and services to your needs are what makes us pride.

Finally, Odigoo is a fellow traveler...

It is not a coincidence we have chosen Odigoo as our name. Odigo means guide in Greek.

Our mission is to help travelers find the adventure inside them by taking them to breathtaking places with activities that will speed up their heartbeats. In other words, to make our customers feel alive and reconnecting with nature!

Our job is to deliver you the best information, advices and products so that you can make the most of your traveling time.

So, don't wait any longer, trust us and follow the parrot!