City Tours

Last Updated Sep 7, 2023

Cancun and the Riviera Maya are top tourist destinations that have been adding attractions over the years. Although the main ones are the stunning beaches surrounded by the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea, the local government, entrepreneurs and private companies have been in charge of developing different infrastructure projects such as parks, shopping malls, marinas, night clubs, etc. All of them are a perfect complement to the natural beauties of the region. Cancun Hotel Zone is the area where most of the hotels in Cancun are located. It is a strip of land of approximately 15 miles (24 kilometers) surrounded on one side by the sea and, on the other, by the Nichupté Lagoon. In addition to the presence of more than 80 hotels of various types and categories in this area, you’ll also find restaurants, shopping centers, bars, nightclubs, beach clubs, piers, among other attractions. Everything in this area is focused on tourist activity. However, in the City of Cancun, there are other entertainment alternatives. Even when most of them are focused on the local population, some of them can still be very interesting for tourists.

Taking advantage of this situation, some tourist service providers have created tours in Cancun to show these attractions in the city. Both national and international tourists can have a better look to the city and have a taste of how is life in one of the top tourist destinations in Mexico.

Among some of the best city tours in Cancun are:

Shopping tours

Cancun has several shopping malls of all kinds: from those with local crafts and local products that resemble to a traditional Mexican market to those with sophisticated designer shops. So, for those tourists who want to explore this angle of Cancun, there are tours specifically created to visit several of these shopping malls.

La Isla Shopping Mall

Shopping tours usually include visits to:

  • Market 28): a place where you can experience a true Mexican market full of colorful handicrafts and local food.
  • Plaza Bonita: a market where you’ll find crafts and Mexican products.
  • Las Américas "Shopping Mall" / Plaza Malecón: a mall where you can find department stores, boutiques and restaurants.
  • Hacienda Tequila Cancún: It is located in the hotel zone. This shop is home to the Tequila Museum and it is possible to find more than 500 brands of this Mexican drink throughout its aisles.
  • "La Isla" Shopping Mall One of the most famous shopping malls in Cancun. There, you can find an aquarium, cinemas, international brand shops and restaurants.
  • Designer shops. All along the hotel zone there are top brand shops such as Carolina Herrera, Armani, Cartier, Hugo Boss, Rolex, among others.

Taco Tour

When it comes to food and gastronomy, Cancun has a very diverse offer. Whether you are exploring the hotel zone or the city, you can find many restaurants. However, regarding Mexican food, there’s one dish that catches the attention of most tourists more often than not: ¡Tacos! As in any other Mexican city, in Cancun, there are restaurants where you can try different types of tacos. There are tours that will take you around the city to explore these places and eat as many tacos as you can.

Some of the restaurants included in these tours are: Los Coapeñitos, La Parrilla, Tacos Rigo, Lonchería el Pocito, among others.

Bike tours

The public beaches in Cancun and Kukulkan boulevard, which is the avenue that runs through the entire hotel zone, are the ideal places to get on a bicycle and wander through Cancun.

Bike tours in Cancun

It is possible to do a guided tour or just ride by yourself. In Cancun, there are many bicycle rental services, some of them deliver and collect these vehicles directly at your hotel. Guided tours include visits to Mayan ruins, the Mayan museum and Playa Delfines, one of the most famous in Cancun. In Playa del Carmen and Cozumel this type of tour is also available.

Nightclub tours

Visiting just one nightclub a night is not enough for you? This type of tour offers visits to up to three of the best nightclubs in Cancun with a VIP pass and open bar included.

Night clubs in Cancun