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Last Updated Sep 7, 2023

Moving around Cancun and the Riviera Maya: All you need to know about PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION

Whether you are looking for comfort, saving a bit or just as an ecological practice, there are a thousand reasons to use public transportation when you are traveling. Good news! If you are coming to Cancun, this destination has quality public transportation services available for all tourists. In this post, you will find all the information and tips you need to move around Cancun and the Riviera Maya!

From Cancun airport to Playa del Carmen and Tulum, you will be able to become a true master of the urban jungle: learn about the main lines of the network, prices and schedules; you will know everything you need to move around these places with no rush at all.

We will also pay special attention to the Public Transportation services in Cancun, from the Hotel Zone to the other places of interest in the city.

As a bonus to the information that we will share in this article, you will also find some sites to learn more about transportation in Cancun as well as useful apps to have on hand during your trip to Cancun.

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1. Public transportation from Cancun Airport.

Do you want to use public transportation from the Cancun airport to get to any destination in the Riviera Maya?

Good news: all 4 airport terminals have an ADO bus terminal!

ADO desks at the Cancun Aiport Terminals

Therefore, you will not have to go from one terminal to another to find this transportation service. From each of these terminals, the buses of the ADO transportation company are available to any tourist. These buses can take you to the different destinations of the Riviera Maya arriving at the following terminals:

  • Cancun Dowtown (Calle Pino Mz.23 S.M.56 Lt.1 y 2, entre avenidas Tulum y Uxmal Cancún)
  • Puerto Morelos (Carr. Cancún - Tulum, Smz 18, 77580 Joaquín Zetina Gasca)
  • Playa del Carmen (At the corner of avenida Juárez and la Quinta Avenida, Centro Playa Del Carmen)
  • Tulum (Av. Tulum #9, entre Jupiter Norte y Alfa Norte Mza 6 Tulum)
  • Mérida (Calle 70 555, Centro, 97000 Mérida)

Important! Each bus goes straight to its destination. So, there is only one possible stop, one of the terminals listed above. If you are not staying close to any of these terminals, don’t forget to consider your next mean of transportation to get to your resort or hotel.

Here is a price list for ADO bus tickets from Cancun Airport to the main destinations in the Riviera Maya.

Destination Prices
Cancun downton $4.78 - 98 MXN 08:15 23:45
Puerto Morelos $6.77 - 138 MXN 08:15 23:45
Playa del Carmen $11.55 - 216 MXN 08:15 23:45
Tulum $14.55 - 300 MXN 10:55 21:45
Merida $42.88 - 850 MXN 14:05 21:45
Prices last checked on 05/10/2021
Price information from the site: Aeropuerto de Cancun

Do you want to use another type of transportation service from the Cancun airport? Shuttles? Taxis? Renting a car? You can take a look to our article about Transfers and Transportation There you will find information about the other transportation services available at the airport.

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2. Cancun: find your way around the city from the downtown hotel zone Using Public Transportation in Cancun City

Our advice if you are using public transportation in Cancun: locate the main avenues and the main buildings of the city! Yes, it sounds a bit silly to say it like this, but it will be very useful to get around Cancun city. Most of the buses and vans in Cancun travel through very specific avenues and there are a few popular stops in the main buildings of the city. That's right, nothing too complicated;

N1: Kukulkan Boulevard (Hotel Zone)

It will be almost impossible not to locate this avenue. It is the most famous boulevard in Cancun!

mapa zona hotelera

Along this avenue, you will find the famous Cancun Hotel Zone where most of the resorts and hotels are located. There is also a wide variety of bars, restaurants and nightclubs.

The Hotel Zone is surrounded by the Caribbean Sea and the Nichupte Lagoon, this means the beaches are very close. There are many things to do in this area: water activities and lots of tour operators that will take you to the most amazing places in the Mexican Caribbean.

N2: Tulum Avenue / Cancun - Tulum (Route 307) Highway

Tulum Avenue is one of the most important roads in Cancun. It goes across Cancun City from end to end. Many buses and vans circulate through it with stops at strategic locations in the city (the ADO bus terminal, Plaza Las Américas, Las Palapas Square).

Tulum Avenue in Cancún

Along Tulum Av. there are several bust stops where you can take the R1 buses an go back to Hotel Zone.

If you keep driving south through Tulum Avenue, it will turn into the highway to Playa del Carmen.

N3: Plazas Las Americas (mall)

Plaza Las Americas is a central location in the urban area of Cancun. It is the largest shopping mall in the city, a perfect place for all those who are eager to have a shopping spree in Cancun. It is also the Bus Terminus for many lines.

It is a landmark and a direction to follow to return to the Cancun Hotel Zone using public transportation.

From Plaza las Américas, you can take the R27 bus that runs along Kukulkan Boulevard.

Other avenues and important places close to Cancun Dowtown:

Transportation Services

Cancun: main "tourist" lines and places of interest


Lines R1, R2, R15 and R27 are the lines most used by tourist as they provide connections with the Cancun Hotel Zone. These are the main bus lines to places of interest in the city of Cancun as well as the Ferry terminals to Isla Mujeres. In the following chart, you can take a look the main stops of these bus lines.

RUTA R1 Parque Rehoyada
López Portillo Av., Crucero, Tulum Av., Hotel Zone, Plaza Kukulkan
RUTA R1 Corales
Universidad del Caribe, Corales, 20 de noviembre Av., Revolución Av., Bonampak Av., Tulum Av., Hotel Zone, Westin Regina
RUTA Rancho Viejo
Rancho Viejo Av., Prolongación Tulum Av., Tulum Av., Hotel Zone, Plaza Kukulkan, Westin Regina
RUTA R2 - 94 Villas Ottoch
Villas Ottoch, Miguel Hidalgo Av., Kabah Av., Walmart, Cobá Av., Hotel Zone, Plaza Kukulkan, Westin Regina
RUTA R2 Paseos Kabah
Fraccionamiento Villas del Mar, Kabah Av., Walmart, Cobá Av., Hotel Zone, Westin Regina
Ruta R15 95 96
Reg. 95-96, Andrés Quintana Roo Av., Kohunlich Av., La Luna Av., Walmart, Av. Cobá, Hotel Zone, Westin Regina
R27 Villas del Caribe
Villas del Caribe, Politecnico Av., Residencial Santa Fe, Cancun Av., La Luna Av., Nichupté Av., Tulum Av.., Plaza las Américas, Cobá Av., Zona Hotelera, Westin Regina
Source: Rutas de Transporte Público • Gobierno del Estado de Quintana Roo

Important! Only buses with their final stop at the WESTIN REGINA run the entire Kukulkan Boulevard. Buses that have their final stop at Plaza Kukulkan just reach to the middle of the hotel zone, close to Playa Marlin.

Avoid making a mistake getting on the wrong bus, there are more than 4 miles between these two stops. That is a 1h30 walk!


Most of Cancun's bus lines has their last stop at Plaza Las Americas. Therefore, from there it is very easy to find your way back to the heart of the Hotel Zone and all the tourist attractions.

Here is the list of buses that only operate in the urban area of Cancun. The end of each line is in BOLD letters. For convenience, their numbers appear in ascending order.

RUTA R4 Tierra Maya
Tierra Maya, Av. Miguel Hidalgo, Av. Francisco I. Madero, Av. Tulum, Plaza las Américas
RUTA R5 Miguel Hidalgo
Fraccionamiento Ottoch Parais, Av. Orquídeas, Av. Miguel Hidalgo, Av. Tulum, Plaza las Américas
Ruta R9 95 96
Reg 99, Reg. 95-96, Av. Comalcalco, Av. López Portillo, Crucero, Av. Tulum, Plaza las Américas
RUTA R12 - Cecyte
Cecyte, Fraccionamiento Real de las Quintas, Prolongación Av. 149, Calle 147, Av. López Portillo, Crucero, Av. Tulum, Plaza las Américas
Ruta R14 Haciendas del Caribe
Fraccioamiento Hacienda del Caribe, Av. Talleres, Av. Kabah, Walmart, Av. Tulum, Plaza las Américas
Ruta R14 Tres Reyes - Plaza las Américas
Colonia 3 Reyes, Av. López Portillo, Crucero, Av. Tulum, Plaza las Américas
Ruta R15 Chichen Itzá
Tierra Maya, Fraccionamiento Villas del Caribe, Reg 95-96, Av. Chichen Itzá, Av. Tulum, Plaza las Américas
Ruta R16 Leona Vicario - Guadalpana
Fraccionamiento Galaxias, La Guadalupana, Av Leona Vicario, Av. Tulum, Plaza las Américas
Ruta R18 Niños Héroes - Av. Tulum
Fraccionamiento Niños Héroes, Prolongación Av. Chac Mool, Av. Niños Héroes, Av. Tulum, Plaza las Américas
Ruta 20 - Talleres
Fraccionamiento Hacienda Real del Caribe, Av. Talleres, Av. Tulum, Plaza las Américas
Ruta R21 Kabah - Tecnologico - Niños Heroes
Frac. Héroes, Av. Niños Héroes, Av. Kabah, Av. Bonampak, Av. Tulum, Plaza las Américas
Ruta R28 Villas Ottoch Tulum
Frac. Villas del Mar III, Villas Ottoch, Av. Niños Héroes, Av. Tulum, Crucero, Plaza las Américas
Ruta R30 Vista Real - Av. Tulum
De La Joya Frac., Vista Real, Av. 20 de Noviembre, Av. Tulum, Plaza las Américas
Ruta R32 Villas Otoch Portillo
Frac. Vlllas del Mar III, Villas Ottoch, Av. Lombardo, Av. López Portillo, Crucero, Plaza las Américas
Ruta 29 Foráneos
Tierra Maya, Calzada Lak' in, Av. López Portillo, Frac. Villas del Caribe, Av. Politécnico, Av. Circuito, Av. Cancún, Av. México, Av.La Luna, Av. Xcaret, Av. Tulum, Plaza las Américas
Ruta R41 Palmas
Prado Norte, Fraccionamiento Paseo de las Palmas, Calle de la Soledad, Av. Niños Héroes, Av. Leona Vicario, Prolongación Av. 149, Av. López Portillo, Crucero, Av. Tulum, Plaza las Américas
Ruta R42 Vista Real Portillo - Kabah
Frac. Vista Real, Av. Chac Mool, Av. Kabah, Av. López Portillo, Crucero Av. Tulum, Plaza las Américas
Ruta R44 Paraíso Maya
Frac. Prado Norte, Tierra Maya, Av. López Portillo, Av. Nichupté, Plaza las Américas
Source: Rutas de Transporte Público • Gobierno del Estado de Quintana Roo

Did you know that... In addition to the bus numbers preceded by the letter “R”, their routes are clearly indicated on signs hung on their windshields. Usually on fluorescent paper to be visible at night under a black light. Practical and inventive!


Taking the bus in Cancun is not difficult, there are plenty of buses and multiple lines run throughout the city.


The bus stops are indicated with this sign on all the main streets of the city (Boulevard Kukulkan, Av. Tulum, Av. Cobá, Av. Chichen Itza, Av. Xcaret, Av. Yaxchilan etc ...)

To find all the bus stops in the hotel zone and find the one closest to your hotel, check the map on the side Cancun Map

IMPORTANT! In the hotel zone, buses cannot stop outside of designated areas.

Inside the city,, if you can't find a bus stop, there’ no problem! All you have to do is raise your hand clearly enough towards the driver when the bus is passing by. Then the driver will stop the bus close to you.

To get off the bus, notify (politely) the driver of your destination so that he can leave you on your destination.

Odigoo Tip:

With MOOVIT APP, getting around Cancun is easier!

To know all the stops of Cancun’s bus lines 🚏 as well as the schedules of the next buses in real time, we recommend that you use the moovitapp! Easy to use and reliable.


The two public transportation companies in the city are Autocar Cancun and Turicun.

Their buses run in Cancun’s hotel zone and urban areas with daytime schedules:
6 am. - 10:30 pm. Monday to Friday / 7 a.m. - 10:30 pm. weekends.

Bus trips have different prices in the urban area (10 pesos) and in the hotel zone (12 pesos).

Did you know that...

R1 buses runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

With an R - 1 bus line that runs day and night from the hotel zone to downtown, Cancun offers its visitors one of the best public transportation services of any tourist destination in the world! So, using public transportation in Cancun is a good idea.

Chart with information regarding companies, lines, schedules.
Urban Area 10 MXN
0,50 USD
0,40 €
5 / 14 / 17 / 28
6 / 11 / 26 / 44 / 68
6:00 - 22:30
7:00 - 22:30
Hotel Zone 12 MXN
0,60 $ USD
0,49 €
Hotel Zone
1 / 2 / 15 / 27
6:00 - 22:30
7:00 - 22:30
Ruta del Sol Rate N / A Circuit: Cancun - Tulum - R51 - For more information: Autocar | Cancún


  • N°1 Always have coins or paper bills smaller than 100 MXN.
  • N°2 Beware of unscrupulous drivers! Some don't give change back.
  • N°3 Keep your belongings close to you. Tourists can be victims of thieves.
  • N°4 Use buses with the light turned on in their interior, avoid dark and isolated places.
  • N°5 Try not to get on a bus if you got drunk. While intoxicated, tourists are easily robbed.


If you want to take a bus to other areas of the Riviera Maya: Puerto Morelos, Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Chiquila (Holbox), Bacalar, etc; go to the ADO bus station. It is accessible by public transportation from the Cancun Hotel Zone through the R1 line.

Different bus companies offer different type of transportation services from simple to premium (better seats, more space, additional services included).

At Cancun’s ADO bus terminal you can also take buses to other destinations in Mexico like Yucatan, Campeche, Tabasco, Veracruz, Chiapas, Oaxaca, Mexico City.

To learn more about the bus schedules leaving from the ADO Terminal in Cancún click here.

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