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Five good reasons to hire a private chauffeur!

So, have you ever thought about hiring a private chauffeur for your vacations in the Mexican Caribbean? What if this was the best choice to improve your experience in Cancun and Riviera Maya? Think about that for a few seconds… all the benefits you would have by hiring an experienced driver, but most of all, think about all the inconvenient situations you could avoid by having such service.

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1. Enjoy the comfort of hiring a private chauffeur since your arrival at the airport!

To hire a private chauffeur while you enjoy your vacation in Cancun and Riviera Maya is, first of all, a guarantee of comfort whenever you need to move around the Mexican Caribbean. It doesn’t matter if you are just staying at one location or traveling to several towns, your experience will improve significantly. So, think about this, you have finally arrived at Cancun’s airport after a long flight that could have been very exhausting. But, you know that your private chauffeur is already waiting for you outside the arrival hall. Now it is just a matter of meeting him to start enjoying your vacations in the Riviera Maya. Simple as that. What other benefits come along with hiring a private chauffeur after your arrival?
Your chauffeur will wait until your arrival.
In the event your flight is delayed or if you experienced a long line or any other situation while collecting your luggage, your driver will wait for you for more than an hour, at no additional cost. Enjoying a premium service since your arrival. Once you've collected your bags, just head out through the arrival’s hall, and voila! your private chauffeur will be there, with a sign in hand. He will take care of your luggage and guide you to the vehicle.

A relaxing atmosphere full of amenities. Once you are on the vehicle, take advantage of all the amenities available on this type of service transportation. Just refresh yourself and relax! In the car, you will find bottled water, towels, air conditioning and music of your choice. Your private driver will spare no effort to please you.

You will not have to... go to the car rental office where you will have to be patient to pick up a car, sign papers and, after that, still drive to your destination.

You will not need to… walk around the airport carrying your luggage in order to find the meeting point for the transportation service that will take you to your resort. And once you are there, still wait until all the passengers that have being assigned to the same vehicle as you are on board. Don’t forget that on this type of collective transportation services, the vehicle will make several stops in order to take each of the passenger to their resorts.

Avoid all the stress and fatigue after a long flight. By hiring a private chauffeur service, you will be at your hotel in less time than you imagine!

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2. Rely on your private chauffeur for all your rides in Cancun and The Riviera Maya.

Taking advantage of a private chauffeur services during your stay in Cancun and the Riviera Maya means that you will be safe whenever you want to move around this region.

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Peace of mind for your rides. You don’t have to worry about tourist nightmares like getting lost, being left behind by your bus or even getting on the wrong one... Yes, it can happen! With a private chauffeur always taking care of you, he will be in charge of finding the correct route and taking you safe to your destination.

For those who still want to take public transport in the Riviera Maya, you will find all the information you need 🚌... 👉 Here!

Availability. Enjoy the service of your private driver as many times as you want. Just consider that your chauffeur will be available to drive you around the Riviera Maya according to the limits of their working hours and the conditions of their contract.

Always being on-time. The chauffeur will always make sure not to keep you waiting. Once your appointment is set with them, you can count on their punctuality, even late at night.

ODIGOO TIP: You too, as a costumer, don’t forget to be on time! After a 15-minute wait, the driver may charge you an extra.

Safety. Using the service of a chaffeaur is also a guarantee that nothing out of the ordinary happens during your stay in Cancun. Of course, Cancun and the Riviera Maya are both destinations known for their safety, but remember that in Mexico transportation can be risky, especially public transportation.

To learn more, see our article on this topic: 👉 Tourism in Mexico: risk behavior, what to avoid.

With a private driver, sit back and travel with confidence! There is no need to fear for your safety or that of your belongings. You can safely leave your valuables in the vehicle and go for a swim, explore the jungle or visit an archeological site. With a chauffeur, your belongings will be in good hands!

3. Private chauffeur: Tips from a local to guide you!

The benefits of having a private chauffeur service are not just related to driving around Cancun and the whole Riviera Maya. Although this is good start, it is not everything. Your private chauffeur is probably a native of the State of Quintana Roo or, at least, a resident of the Cancun area. Either way, we can consider him as a local. In other words, an truthful information source, your own Cancun insider, capable of giving you the right advice and suggestions about what to do and where to go in the Mexican Caribbean!

A professional chauffeur will help you answer questions. What areas to see and which ones to avoid both in Cancun and in the rest of the Riviera Maya? Where to eat the best tacos in town? What is the best place to see the sunset? Etc. Your chauffeur will surely be happy to answer these questions and help you in order to have the best time!

A professional chauffeur will advise you. The vast experience of your chauffer driving around Cancun and the Riviera Maya will be priceless. In addition to being a tourism professional, capable of telling you specific information such as the opening hours of archaeological sites or the best artisan markets, he is, above all, a person with an authentic knowledge of these places.

A professional chauffeur will share his experience with you.If you listen carefully to the words of your chauffeur, you will have the opportunity to discover more authentic places such as a small restaurant whose dishes have the unique flavor of the region or, perhaps, drive through a road that you would not have taken otherwise. All this native knowledge will make you experience Cancun from another perspective.

4. Building new bonds: The human encounter, a journey towards the otherness

If you take the time to start a real conversation with your chauffeur, there is a real chance that he will become much more than the person driving your rented vehicle during your stay in Cancun. From a philosophical point of view, traveling is also an opportunity to discover and connect wit others and, sometimes, you don't have to look that far to make that connection. Who would be better to connect to than someone who share the ride with you every day and also someone with vast knowledge about tourist activities? Probably, there won’t be a better chance to discover in a more authentic way the wonders of the Mexican Caribbean, than that with your chauffeur.The time spend with your chauffeur during your stay in the Riviera Maya is the perfect opportunity to learn more about the Mexican way of life, their family ties, their gastronomy and their cultural heritages. It is also an opportunity to share your experiences and identify differences and similarities together. Summarizing, to create a dialogue with the other. And, meanwhile, maybe learn some more Spanish too! Hiring the services of a private chauffeur, as well as the services of a tourist guide, is an opportunity to establish special bonds with a resident, who also becomes a local ambassador for the Mexican Caribbean.

5. Helping a family - solidarity tourism starts here!

This will be the last point of this article "5 good reasons to choose a private driver", and it will not be the least! The importance of the benefits from tourism activities for local workers and their economy is too often overlooked. Hiring the services of a private driver, whether as an independent worker or as a member of a local company, is to support the local economy and making sure that the community is the one who really gets the benefits of the tourist activity in the region they live. And these actions are necessary to promote economic development.

This is the first step towards solidarity tourism!

During your vacations or your stay in Cancun, do not forget to support small local companies or independent drivers and, by that making sure your money is going to the local community. So, don't forget: hiring the services of a private driver allows a family to have a stable economy which, in turn, will contribute to the consumption of more products and services from its own community. Indirectly, you are helping an entire community to improve its standard of living. If this notion of tourism is familiar to you or interests you, and you want to put more solidarity and responsibility in your stay in Cancun and the Riviera Maya, then come and discover all our articles dedicated to this topic here:


Routes / Average time::
Airport transfers:

  • Airport / Downtown: 25 minutes.
  • Airport / Hotel Zone: 20 minutes.
  • Airport / Playa del Carmen: 50 minutes.
  • Airport / Tulum Downtown: 90 minutes.
  • Airport / Tulum Hotel Zone: 100 minutes.

Services included in the services of private chauffeur:

  • Professional and bilingual chauffeurs.
  • Proven knowledge of the Cancun and Riviera Maya roads.
  • No waiting time fees at Cancun’s airport: the chauffeur will wait for you one hour after the plane has landed.
  • The waiting time period at other locations such as: private addresses, ports or bus stations will be up to 15 minutes.
  • Car rental available in periods of 3h, 6h, 9h, 12h.
  • Types of vehicles available: passenger, comfortable, medium and high category. SUV’s, minibuses and deluxe versions are also available on previous request.
  • Unlimited mileage included so you can travel to the different locations of Cancun and the Riviera Maya.
  • Itinerary customization according to the conditions provided in the contract.
  • The chauffer’s availability is flexible according to the needs of each client.
  • Free cancellation up to 24 hours before arrival.

Services not included

  • Gasoline.
  • Tollbooths.
  • Parking.
  • Any additional charges that may be caused by exceeding the driver's waiting time at any given time.
  • Accommodation and food for the drive.

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