• Temazcal Ceremony In Cancun (Private Tour)
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Temazcal Ceremony In Cancun (Private Tour)

Cancún, Quintana Roo
Duration: 06:00 Hours

The Temazcal Ceremony is one of these once-in-a-life-time experiences.

Your adventure will start about 5 pm, inside an authentic Mayan house. You guide will explain how the Mayas lived in the past and how they live nowadays. You will get to know different elements of the house such as the palm tree roof or the hammock to keep you fresh at night and safe from unwelcome animal guests. You will learn to use the traditional kitchen equipment such as molcajete, a manual corn mill, and you will become an expert on how to make home-made tortillas.

Next, you’ll learn to blow sea snails, a skill that is necessary to ask permission to Mother Nature to enter the Temazcal.

Then, the community shaman will offer you a drink, called Balche. It’s a traditional mixture of extracts of different tree barks, honey, lemon, zacate and water. The potion helps to open the body pores. You’ll also learn some words in Maya, that you will need to pronounce inside the Temazcal.

Inside the circle of fire, the shaman will purify everybody with some medicinal herbs and then, you will have to ask for permission to enter the Temazcal by blowing the sea snails.

Together with other people in your group, you will take turns to enter the steamy Temazcal and inside, the shaman will sing and pray to get your body and soul cleansed.

After the ceremony, you can swim and refresh in a cenote and have a light dinner before you get on the bus back to your hotel.

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* For groups larger than 16 people, please contact us: reservations@odigootravel.com


Temazcal Ceremony In Cancun

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Every Day

March 6, 2024

Group of between 1 - 2 People
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2 People $9,381.00 MXN


$9,381.00 MXN

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To have the best experience on this tour, these are the recommendations:

  • Bring comfortable shoes.
  • Bring a change of clothes.
  • Bring a swimsuit.
  • Bring a towel.
  • Wear biodegradable sunscreen
  • Bring extra money (For souvenirs and tips).
  • Bring sunglasses, flip-flops hat, and insect repellent.
  • Don’t forget your camera!
  • Not recommended for people with reduced mobility.


  • 1. Any change or cancellation must be requested by phone or at reservaciones@odigoo.com with at least 48 hours prior to the tour or activity.
  • 2. On the tour date, your pick-up vehicle will wait a maximum of five minutes at the meeting point. After this period, the vehicle will continue with its assigned route. Therefore, we invite you to show up at the meeting point on time.
  • 3. Refunds only apply when cancellation is made 48 hours before the tour or activity.
  • 4. Children 0-3 years old do not pay. (They must share food with their relatives. In the pick-up vehicle, they must use their own baby chair, in case of not having one, it can be rented at 20 USD, 1 infant per unit).