El Cielito

6 Days


El Cielito Beach!

If you want to make history with us, book this travel itinerary and let yourself loose into the fascinating world of natural wonders at Cielito Beach, Cozumel, adore the Mayans and their ancient brutal, incredible culture by visiting Coba, a pyramid that’s even bigger than Chichen Itza, taller, surrounded by deep jungle and amazing singing birds. Imagine visiting ruins on the same day as swimming with turtles!

Yes, we’ll make it happen for you in this most complete tour.

Day 1: Private pick up & Eco-Friendly Hotel in Playa del Carmen

Day 2: Cielo & Cozumel Reefs + Travelers Table

Day 3: Chill and Relax in Playa del Carmen

Day 4: Coba & Turtles

Day 5: Relax at the Beach

Day 6: Let's head back home!

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Day1 :Private pick up & Eco-Friendly Hotel in Playa del Carmen

A perfect stay before visiting El cielito Beach!

After pick up, our professional chauffeur will take you safely to your destination, which is an amazing Eco-Resort just in front of the stunning Caribbean Ocean, and a few blocks away from the lively Fifth Avenue in Playa del Carmen.

The perfect location to enjoy sandy beaches and turquoise waters, prístine experiences that will take your senses to a relaxation mode you won’t ever forget.

Day 2: Cielo & Cozumel Reefs + Travelers Table

El Cielito beach translates to english as “Little Heaven” beach, so… let’s start from there:

El Cielito is not actually a beach, but a sandbar made of shallow and pristine waters that allow you to observe all the natural wonders that lay below the surface. This site’s been selected as one of the most beautiful spots to snorkel in the world given the amount of starfish that can be observed close by on the shallow bottom of this sandbar.

You will get on a high-speed boat to discover the Cozumel Reef National Park, one of the best places in the world to snorkel and witness marine life.

Then, once you’ve rested for a while in your hotel room, we suggest you take a shower, so we can pick you up In the evening, as we’ll be taking you to enjoy a culinary experience with a former Master Chef participant!

Day 3: Chill and Relax in Playa del Carmen

You probably will need to rest a little bit after visiting El Cielito Beach in Cozumel, and having had the two most amazing days of your life.

You can enjoy Fifth Avenue in Playa del Carmen on your own.

A few blocks from your hotel, you will discover lots of restaurants, beach clubs, taco bars and shops.

Day 4: Coba & Turtles

Now it’s time to learn about the Mayans in the ancient city of Coba.

This part of your itinerary will make your senses go absolutely crazy!

As you get out of the shuttle, guides will give you a spectacular tour of the ruins, and take you to side pyramids and ritual sites that are also part of this beautiful, emblematic city.

Welcome to Akumal bay!

A shrine to beauty, one of the most beautiful beaches in the entire planet. Home for an amazing diversity of species. Akumal is a wonderful land with a splendid pristine set of waters where…

Sea turtles live!

Then you’ll end at Punta Venado Beach Club. Delight with typical Mayan foods and beverages while having a relaxation time in one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Day 5: Relax at the Beach

The final day of this incredible voyage can be something fruitful if you get up early, enjoy breakfast at your All-inclusive Eco-hotel and then head to the luxury avenue, where you can have a morning shopping spree before getting back to the hotel and enjoy the last day of the beach.

Day 6: Let's head back home!

Our private Chauffeur will pick you up at your hotel’s lobby to take you to the airport.

By this point of your itinerary we recommend you start booking your next experience with Odigoo Travel.

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