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Last Updated Mar 14, 2024

Embark on an Effortless Journey to Chichen Itza with Odigoo Travel!

Chichen Itza, a coveted destination, becomes easily accessible with Odigoo's private transportation service from Cancun. Navigating your way to this iconic site might seem straightforward, given its popularity, but is choosing the right option as easy as it appears?

Chichen Itza

We share some savvy tips to ensure you don't get lost in the sea of choices and instead travel with Odigoo—the experts dedicated to making your journey truly unforgettable.

While you may have come across similar advice before, our insightful tips aim to emphasize that we are seasoned travelers with a mission—to make your experience unique, unparalleled, and fun.

How? By addressing all your travel needs, offering private, shared, or luxury trips, and crafting personalized journeys with our tourism "tailors," our dedicated agents.

Dive into our 5 tips for hiring private transportation to Chichen Itza and discover the Odigoo difference.

Skip the line in Chichen Itza

Skip the line at Chichén Itzá! Get your tickets here!

Search for Private Transportation to Chichen Itza

The first step, albeit obvious, involves navigating through the myriad options online. Yet, this task can be overwhelming and frustrating. The key is to ensure the company you're eyeing is trustworthy. Wondering how to confirm this? The simplicity of this task, actually, leads us to the second tip…

Have Your Phone at Hand

Pick up your phone after finding a few promising options. A call to the provided number helps gauge the company's reliability. Pay careful attention to how your call is managed: did the service feel experienced, savvy and professional?

Recognizing good customer service involves a friendly greeting, mentioning the company's name, and a structured questionnaire reflecting a structured sales funnel. Discuss your travel details and receive customized offers aligned with seasonal budgets.

Check the Reliability of the Business

Distinguishing between formal businesses and those run by small individuals is crucial. Beyond online searches, check the legal status of the commercial bureau of the federal consumer protection agency.

Confirming legality involves writing the trade name without spelling marks in the search engine. Ensure the name aligns with sources like invoices or websites. This step guarantees you're choosing a reliable and legally operating agency.

To further information you can visit reliability

"To consult the commercial behavior of a supplier, consider the following:

In the search engine, you must write the trade name or corporate name of the supplier, without spelling marks such as: accents, commas, tilde, abbreviations, among others (, .; ¨ <>´ *). Or perform a search by industry.

Check that the name displayed in the search corresponds to the one on an invoice, receipt, email, website, or any other source that allows verifying its correct name.

Remember that the search result may vary as a result of a capture error."

These actions will help you verify if the agency you are hiring is reliable and operates legally. Avoiding setbacks or bad experiences during a trip is directly proportional to the prevention we can exercise as consumers.

Though, we suggest

Compare Offers

Recognizing the best offer requires using broad criteria while maintaining a discerning approach. Prices from large, renowned companies differ from those of smaller, regulated businesses.

Surprisingly, smaller companies often provide more specialized and detailed services. Their attention is entirely focused on you, ensuring a personalized experience compared to the mass transportation approach of larger companies.

Consider factors like prices, the company's relevance, the time of year, and the anticipation with which you make your reservation. Odigoo offers the most competitive and tailored options in the market.

Choose Odigoo Travel

To be frank, you won't find a better-suited offer than Odigoo. We boast the most competitive prices and multiple options, dedicating ourselves to finding the service that aligns with your unique preferences.

Odigoo Travel presents the most precise offers for you, your family, and your trips to Cancun, reliability, and the Riviera Maya. Arriving at Chichen Itza has never been easier—thanks to Odigoo Travel

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