Last Updated Sep 7, 2023

Cancun and Riviera Maya are tourist destinations with solid infrastructure. Although hotels and resorts are the ones that usually catch the attention of most tourists due to their impressive architectural designs, services and privileged location, there is a wide diversity of buildings and residential developments, both in the main tourist areas and in the neighborhoods of local population.

The growing demand for tourist services in Cancun and Riviera Maya, including accommodation, is the main reason many owners of residential properties are promoting them as vacation rentals. In this post we will talk about apartments as vacation rentals in Cancun and Riviera Maya (Playa del Carmen, Puerto Morelos, Tulum), as well as the benefits of choosing this accommodation alternative.

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Apartments in the Mexican Caribbean

In the main tourist areas of Cancun and Riviera Maya, it is common to see towers of apartments. As a matter of fact, it is more common to find this type of buildings than individual houses. Many of these towers were built alongside the hotels to face the demand of luxury and beachfront housing. Therefore, it is likely to find big apartments with pools and hotel type services in Cancun and the other towns. And although some of these were built more than two decades ago, you can also find also others of recent design and construction. After all, the owners and the real estate developers have already identified the need to modernize and renew the apartments, as well as to increase the supply in order to meet the growing demand for this type of infrastructure.

Some of the main features of the apartments in the region are:

  • In recent years, studios and loft have become extremely popular in architectural designs in the region due to its minimalism. Many of the new apartment towers are focused on these types of designs. These usually have only one bedroom and a small room, but there is seldom a kitchen. So, in case of you are thinking to stay in one of these apartments in your trip to the Mexican Caribbean, it is important to consider a budget for restaurants.
  • Beachfront apartments are usually the most equipped. Most of them have several bedrooms and are quite comfortable. Many of the beachfront residential developments also include hotel-like services: reception, pool, bar, butlers, laundry, security, private beach, etc. It's just a matter of asking to the owner about the services available in the property.
  • Parking lot. This is an important aspect that must be considered, especially if the apartment is in a tourist area. If there is no parking available, this could be an issue if you have chosen to rent a car previously. In Cancun’s hotel zone, most apartment towers usually have exclusive parking lots.

Where to find the best apartments in Cancun and the Riviera Maya?

Without a doubt, the preferences and likes of each tourist will influence the decision regarding the type of department and the area where it is located to spend their vacations. However, there are areas in each destination of the Mexican Caribbean that are better:

In Cancun:

  • Hotel zone. The main tourist area in the whole region. Therefore, the access to all tourist attractions and, mainly, to the beach is quite easy.
  • Puerto Cancun. This luxury residential neighborhood is close to the hotel zone. The newest and most modern apartments in Cancun are located just here.

In Playa del Carmen:

  • Streets surrounding 5th Avenue. The residential developments that have been built in Playa del Carmen close to the core of the tourist activity are apartments. Many of them are loft or studio style as we mentioned previously. Although many of them do not have an ocean view, their location is extremely privileged to go out and have fun.