Family Vacations

Last Updated Sep 7, 2023

Cancun and Riviera Maya are tourist destinations for all types of travelers. No matter your nationality or where you come from, or if you’re traveling with your significant other, friends, family or even by yourself; these destinations are set to make you have the best time.

When it comes to vacation planning, one of the factors that counts the most is knowing who you are traveling with. In the case of traveling with a group of people, there’s a case that stands out, traveling with family. This will strongly determine the type of activities, transportation needs and even the type of hotel in which you will be looking to stay.

Traveling with your family is a very common activity, but it’s one that puts special pressure on moms and dads to find the perfect balance between rest and fun. Definitely, not an easy task.



For family vacations, Cancun and the Riviera Maya (Puerto Morelos, Playa del Carmen, Tulum) are excellent options. These tourist destinations offer entertainment and relaxation activities for travelers of all ages.

What are the main recommendations for a family vacation in Cancun and Riviera Maya?

Considering the balance between entertainment and rest as a priority in your vacations, the most relevant items are:


Water activities

Without a doubt, one of the most interesting aspects for children and even teenagers when visiting a beach destination is water activities. Whether they are hanging around in the beaches or just in the hotel facilities, children and teenagers are often strongly attracted to spending their vacations days playing in the sea or enjoying swimming pools.

In Cancun and the Riviera Maya there are a wide variety of places to enjoy water activities and having a good swim: public beaches, hotel swimming pools, water parks with large slides and other attractions (Ventura Park, Garrafón Park, Jungala) and many “cenotes” (sinkholes and underground rivers).

In addition to these activities, it is also possible to get on a boat and sail to any of the reefs in the region. In these amazing places, all family members can explore the sea, snorkeling and diving. You can also consider as another activity with similar features swimming with dolphins or with other sea animals.

Any of these alternatives are perfect to create lifelong memories for families.

Theme parks

The theme parks are specially designed for people of all ages. In the case of the parks that are part of the Xcaret Group (Xcaret, Xenses, Xoximilco, Xavage, Xel-Ha, Xplor), you will always find multiple land and water activities to enjoy with all your family.


One of the favorite family shows in Cancun is the pirate ship Jolly Roger. In this one, families sail along the coast of Cancun in a galleon-type ship while enjoying a real pirate show. Dinner and open bar are included.

Rest and accommodation

Family Hotels and Resorts

A very important factor to make a family vacation a true unforgettable experience is choosing the right hotel or resort, one in which there are activities for everyone. To accomplish this, first of all, you have to make sure that the hotel has a family atmosphere as well as the type of accommodation services. Regarding the latter, the all-inclusive service is usually the most comfortable for a family vacation.

Among the best-rated family hotels and resorts in Cancun and Riviera Maya are:

  • Nizuc Resort & Spa
  • Moon Palace
  • Hyatt Ziva Cancun
  • Marriott Cancun Resort
  • Gran Fiesta Americana Coral Beach
  • Crown Paradise Cancun
  • Paradissus La Esmeralda
  • Panama Jack Resort
  • Sandos Caracol
  • Barceló Maya Beach
  • Royal Solaris

In this way, Cancun and Riviera Maya have all the perfect ingredients to make your family vacations an amazing experience.

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