Shared Rentals

Last Updated Sep 7, 2023

Shared Rentals in Cancun and Riviera Maya

Cancun and Riviera Maya are tourist destinations in the Mexican Caribbean whose international popularity has increased year by year since their foundation in the 70s. Although in their first years, these destinations were mostly visited by wealthy tourist, in the last two decades, they have become more open for different type of tourists, including casual travelers, solo travelers and backpackers. Nowadays it can be said that Cancun and the other destinations in Riviera Maya (Puerto Morelos, Playa del Carmen, Tulum), as well as the islands (Cozumel, Isla Mujeres), are open to all type of tourists and budgets. There are accommodation services, restaurants, bars, transportation alternatives, events, shows and activities available for all budgets. It is possible to spend your vacations in these destinations without having to ask for a second mortgage. Regarding accommodation, one of the most budget-friendly options are shared rooms in hostels. Suffice it to say that in Cancun and Riviera Maya, it is possible to find a bed in a shared room for less than $ 10 USDs per night.

The offer of hostels in Cancun and Riviera Maya is wide. In each town or city, there are certain areas where you can find concentration of hostels, mostly close to downtown, for example:

  • In Cancun, there is a concentration of hostels in the streets surrounding the City Hall. and the ADO bus terminal. In addition, there are also some more located in the hotel zone, although they are more scattered in the area.
  • In Playa del Carmen, there are hostels all along the Fifth Avenue and in many of the surrounding streets.
  • In Isla Mujeres, Cozumel, Tulum and Puerto Morelos, which are smaller towns, there are less hostels and they are bit scattered through the streets. Most are located close to downtown, although some are also close the beach (especially on the islands).

To find the different businesses that provide this type of service and to be able to compare their location, prices, services included, etc. You just need to take a look at some of the specialized online platforms.

Benefits of staying in a shared accommodation or hostels

Some of the main benefits of choosing this type of accommodation in Cancun and Riviera Maya are:

  • Price. Without a doubt, this is the main one. Many backpackers choose this type of accommodation because it gives them the chance of being able to visit many places without having to spend large amounts of money.
  • Location. As previously mentioned, hostels are generally located in central areas with easy access.
  • Meeting people from other countries. Being the top lodging service for international backpackers, it is very easy to meet people and make new friends in these places.
  • Party Atmosphere. Many hostels defined themselves as party hostels. Their staff is always trying to build an atmosphere where the guests can have fun.

Downside of staying in a shared accommodation or hostels

  • Privacy. Obviously, when sharing a room with more people, privacy is totally set aside. There are hostels that offer shared dormitories from six beds to 20 in the same room.
  • Services included. The low prices for accommodation are due to the fact that a bed in a dorm is the only thing that is included. However, in Cancun and the Riviera Maya, there are some hostels that even have a pool.
  • Relaxed atmosphere to allow a comfortable rest. As previously mentioned, many hostels are focused on a party atmosphere and even have bars inside, so they are not always the best places to rest. It is important to check the type of hostel before booking, many are totally straight up about being "party hostels”.