Jungala Waterpark

Last Updated Jun 11, 2024

As if the Riviera Maya didn’t already have lots of water-related attractions, a new water park has opened its doors inside the Vidanta resort complex and it looks quite impressive. Jungala Aqua Experience is the full name of this fascinating place which is guaranteed to be a new favorite of kids visiting the region.

Vidanta Riviera Maya is a destination within a destination, as it includes 5 hotels, over 15 bars and restaurants, a stunning golf course designed by the great Jack Nicklaus, several high-end spas, great entertainment options including JOYÁ, a Cirque du Soleil show, and now, Jungala. It’s not a coincidence that Condé Nast readers chose it as a Top 5 hotel in Eastern Mexico.

That’s the kind of fun and quality that awaits you at Jungala Aqua Experience.

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What to Do at Jungala

Jungala is a huge water park with a wide diversity of attractions for all kinds of tastes and preferences. The way your day will look at this place will completely depend on your likes, and more likely, those of your children.

That said, let’s do a quick tour through the different attractions awaiting for you at this one-of-a-kind park.

You have up to 4 different sets of water slides to choose from: the Tropical Whizzard and the Beachside Boomerango are the ones recommended for kids. For the Boomerango you have to hop on a raft for 2 people, making the ride an exhilarating and social experience. If you’re into high-speed, adrenaline-pumping kind of water slides then you have to try the Paradise Free Fall and the Hoop Hoop Aqua Loop.

Jungala in Vidanta

Keeping with the water attractions, Jungala offers all the fun of the waves of the ocean on a huge Brave Wave Pool with a capacity for over 100 people at a time, which is a favorite of families that can enjoy the waves together in a fun and safe environment.

Lazy Río is the longest lazy river in Latin America and will take you slowly floating on a journey throughout all of Jungala, with a series of swim-up bars and dining concepts along the ride!

Finally, Jungala also features an adult-only Spa Pool, where you can relax and enjoy a little bit of peace and tranquility in a refreshing spot designed to pamper you in a way not expected from a water park.

On the other hand, there’s also a section exclusively dedicated to kids. The Kids Rainfortress is that magical space where kids get to enjoy shooting water cannons and running through spray fountains and countless waterfalls. This is the spot that children love the most and where you, as a parent, will probably spend most of your time at Jungala.

Dad and daughter in Jungala

If that wasn’t enough, Jungala also has a Kids Waterslide Complex. Yes, you read that right, kids get to have their own waterslide complex and they can also use some of the other waterslides in the park. As you can imagine, Jungala designers really understood who they were designing this water park for.

At Jungala you have 9 different bars at restaurants offering all kinds of food and drinks. A favorite of mine is the Cocoyol Pool Bar, where you can enjoy a drink without having to even leave the pool. The Jungala Slushies is the children’s equivalent to the Cocoyol Pool Bar as it offers natural smoothies and slushies for kids in strategically designed spots across the Kids Ranfortress.

You also can find a snack restaurant, a taqueria (highly recommended if you’re into Mexican food), a pizzeria , and the On The Waves Snack Hall that offers a varied menu including seafood, tacos, and salads in a laidback poolside atmosphere.

Jungala View from Above

As you have seen, Jungala Aqua Experience isn’t like your usual water park. It comes with a great set of amenities that sets it apart and sets a new standard in the Riviera Maya. Kuxtal By Spatium, is one of these features that makes all the difference and makes Jungala a truly unique water park experience. Kuxtal is a fully-equipped spa, set right at the park offering a wide array of wellness treatments at quiet and luxurious cabanas surrounded by lush vegetation within the Jungala facilities. Among these treatments, you’ll find all kinds of massages, reflexology, body wraps, facials, and even special treatments for teens and kids.

How about receiving a bespoke massage at a relaxing natural cabana while your kids are having the fun of their lives at the Kids Rainfortress? Sounds like something you would like, right?

Enjoy a massage in Jungala

That’s the appealing part of Jungala, yes it’s a water park which main goal is for children to have lots of fun, but it’s been designed in a way that manages to find a difficult balance between being fun for kids, but also relaxing for adults. And that’s what sets Jungala Aqua Experience apart from the rest of water parks in the Riviera Maya region.

Finally, Jungala also features an artificial beach, a hammocks section and the Bana Cabana Souvenir Shop where you’ll find anything you may need for your day at Jungala, including swimsuits, beach gear, sunscreen, and a diversity of souvenirs to take back home.

How to Get to Jungala

Jungala is located at the northern end of Playa del Carmen, with direct access from Highway 307. If you’re coming from Cancun, the best way to get to Jungala is by renting a car. It will give you more independence and flexibility, as you get to manage your own timetable. Renting a car in the region is quite easy, with most international companies available both at the airport and with several offices across Cancun and the Riviera Maya.

Girls relaxing in water slide in Jungala

Once you get your car, all you have to do is drive south down Highway 307 for about 50 minutes and you’ll find the entrance to Jungala Aqua Experience on the right-hand side.

Taking a taxi is also an option, but may be more expensive and you’ll have less flexibility. However, taxis are available and easy to find both in Cancun and at the Vidanta complex.

Finally, you can also hop on an ADO bus. There are a few departing points from Cancun and plenty of buses going to Playa del Carmen every day. The challenge here may include taking a taxi from Playa del Carmen ADO bus station to Jungala, but if you manage to convince the bus driver to let you get off the bus at the Vidanta entrance, this may be the best and most affordable option.

If you come from Tulum or any other town located south of Playa del Carmen, the options are the same, with the only difference of having to drive the Highway 307 direction north and finding the access to Jungala Aqua Experience on your left-hand side.

Prices and Packages at Jungala

The basic entrance fee to Jungala has a cost of $981 pesos (which is about USD$60 at the current exchange rate) for children and 65+ adults. Adults less than 65 years old pay $1,401 pesos (USD$82).

These fees include the entrance to Jungala, towels inside the park, parking, Wi-Fi connection, concierge service, and showers.

The Jungala Beyond package with food and non-alcoholic drinks included goes for $1,392 pesos (USD$81) for kids and seniors and $1,990 pesos (USD$116) for adults.

However, as it’s customary in this type of parks, you can always enhance your experience. At Jungala, you can do this by renting a private cabana with a series of amenities that may include a variety of food and drink options, including appetizers, flavored water, and even Champagne bottles.

The cabana packages go from $1,500 pesos (USD$89) just for a cabana for 4 adults and 2 children, to $6,000 pesos (USD$350) for the Luxury Plus Experience which offers the most complete and luxurious package of amenities available.

Amazing waterslides in Jungala

What Are You Waiting For?

That’s the only question left. Coming to the Riviera Maya now has one more incredible attraction to visit and all you need to figure out is how to distribute your days in this paradise on Earth to do all the things that you may want to do.

However, Jungala Aqua Experience should be at the top of your list, especially if you have kids. Few places in the Riviera Maya are so targeted for children and, as you just saw, it also features great amenities for their parents.

Choose your date, define how you’ll get there, and make the most of this world-class water park set at the heart of the Riviera Maya.

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