Dare To Explore The Mysterious Cenote Suytun!

Last Updated Oct 18, 2023

If you want a true authentic photo on your vacation, one in which the result is light filtering through the rocks and reflecting on the beauty of the waters of a cenote in an atmosphere full of mystery, Cenote Suytun is your ideal location. The name of this cenote in Mayan means "stone core" and, in truth, there is no more ideal name for this cenote covered by a stone vault.

Unlike others, Cenote Suytun is located underground and has an opening at the top of the vault that creates the passage to this huge cave. Through this hole, the sunlight comes through and creates an stunning visual effect with the blue of the calm waters.

Cenote Suytun

One of the main features of Cenote Suytun is the stone walkway that leads to the center of the site. From there you can jump into the water or simply walk to take what could be the most representative photograph of the entire trip in the Yucatan Peninsula. To get to this magical little hideaway you have to go down to the cave through the stone stairs. Once you reach the bottom of the stairs, when you look to the top of the cave, you will find the stalactites that hang from the ceiling. These rock formations give the place a certain magic and mystery. The crystalline color of the water and its reflections when touched by the sunlight coming from the outside are a natural spectacle worth watching. Cenote Suytun also has artificial illumination, which allows you to visit it at any time of the day. But, to have the best experience, it is best to visit it at noon, between 12:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. When the sunlight enters at its peak and fills the whole place with light. So, it is clear that Cenote Suytun can be admired and contemplated, but it is also suitable for all types of swimmers who want to venture out and enjoy its wonderful waters. It is a suitable place to be visited by the whole family due to its shallow waters. The maximum depth is 17 feet (5 meters), however, it is mandatory to enter the water with a life jacket. Something very important that you must take into account if you are visiting this cenote: the water and the ecosystem of the place are very fragil, water contamination is a risk that should not be allowed. Due to this situation, it is forbbiden to wear body creams, sunscreens or insect repellent. In the same way, it is also forbidden to touch the roots and stalactites. If you want to extend your visit and continue experiencing the magic of this place, there is the option of staying in any of the cabins that are located within the same tourist complex where the cenote is. These cabins are just a few feet away from the cenote. If you choose to stay in these cabins, you will have access to the pool as well as to the restaurant of this tourist complex. The place also has a small museum where some Mayan pieces found in the place are exhibited, and it is even possible to enjoy musical shows.

Cenote Suytun is located at Rancho Ganadero-Ecologico Suytun de Fernandez y Mendoza, at kilometer 8 of the road that connects Valladolid and Puerto Juarez.

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