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Last Updated Oct 18, 2023

Odigoo will help you find the best deals for hotel bookings in Cancun, but first… read these useful tips!

When looking for the best hotels away from home, things can get a little complicated. Fear no more, Odigoo’s here to give you the best tips there are. Uncomplicated things by…

Amazing Puerto Morelos

  • Using Incognito mode on your google browser

This allows you to be on a hidden mode, meaning you probably will get better offers, as the machine won’t know where you’re coming from geographically, and the offer will remain intact. The hack here is that most companies change rates as soon as its reservations motor detects you’re in, it’ll start changing malevolently to different rates probably higher, probably lower, no one ever knows.

Internet experts and technology blogs qualify this to be a myth, claiming that in reality using incognito mode is not as private as we think, as companies can still detect who we are, what we’re doing and our eagerness to book in the best hotels.

However. at Odigoo, experts say saving money is always worth a shot.

  • Looking for flights on Tuesday nights

Why should we all be looking to book flights at that time of the night? Well… companies claim that this is a time when not many users are looking for flights, so it’s become the best time to get the best offers right away.

Companies load their databases during Tuesday night, so if you stay awake late at night, you will probably find the best rates, as they’ll be freshly loaded into the system.

  • Anticipating dates

The sooner you book your stay the lower the cost. See? Say you’re traveling next year to Cancun for family vacations, and you have the opportunity to plan this trip in advance. The best way to go is to start looking today and book your stay, even if it is due for another whole year. Why? Well, because the cost will be considerably low when you book further away on dates from your vacation. On the contrary, prices will go way up high when closer to your vacation dates.

Booking early will set you free.

  • Looking for booking dates during the low season

Of course this is one of the top tips you will ever get: book your stay in Cancun’s best hotels during the low season. That way you’ll get to travel at a time where no noisy hotel pools and/or restaurants will be a problem. Also, attractions, sites and museums will have availability at all times, giving you the opportunity to really take your time to enjoy everything that there is to see wherever you’re traveling. Stay in Cancun in the low season and see the magic of empty paradisiac beaches, all for yourself, happen before your eyes.

If you haven’t already, visit Cancun in the fall and fall profoundly in love.

  • Using different search engines, and browsers

This practice will allow you to encounter the best booking options for hotels in Cancun. Use Google Chrome, Safari or Microsoft Edge, and get into, Expedia or trivago and look for the same accommodations in your five-star hotel, or your million star stay. Using different engines can get you different results. From this point and on, all you’ll have to do is compare and book.

The sooner you book, the better the results.

Now that you know these tips let's get into… Here are 9 of the best hotel room booking deals in Cancun!

RIU Costa Mujeres

Hotel Nizuc

Probably one of the most beautiful hotels in the world, Nizuc is a top-notch resort with amazing views of the Caribbean waters. What makes this place so special isn’t only the stunning views, but also the architectural care with which the decor is placed to create comfort, atmospheres that bring calm and relaxation, as well as a sense of elegance and beauty like no other. The rooms are marvelous, spacious, with a touch of rustic and modern at the same time. Also, you can’t miss the kosher cuisine, which is the star of culinary experiences in Cancun.

This hotel is only a 10 minute ride from Cancun airport, so it’s an easy task to get there. Only thing to do is get private transportation from Cancun airport to Nizuc hotel and you’ll be there in no time.

Visit their website if you’d like to know more about this beautiful place.

Villa del palmar

Built at the most secluded location in Cancun, Villas del Palmar is THE place if what you’re looking for is spending evenings by the sea with your family, a walk on the beach while the sun goes down, but, more than that, I’d strongly recommend checking out the pool facilities on this hotel, as they’re so inviting that it turns out hard to resist their fresh looking waters, and the shapes that scream for your attention.

Being at Villa del Palmar Cancun is a caress to your senses. Let yourself be pampered by the most incredible facilities you’ve ever seen.

A private chauffeur can get you from Cancun airport to Villa del Palmar in no time.

Special hint: Villa del Palmar is the home of an awarded Spa… just letting you know…

Garza Blanca

Garza Blanca is a chic and elegant option. This one is also at a secluded location, away from all the city noise and airport agglomerations, which can be the cherry on the top for a voyage such as vacationing at Garza Blanca. I mention this because, as you get close to this private location, you’ll begin to forget whatever things you carry as baggage and will start enjoying the calm-soothing breeze of the turquoise waters just a few feet away} from you. Sit at a family penthouse suite and relax by the terraces, gazing at the majesty of the Caribbean waters from atop, just like royalty.

Garza Blanca has quite a few experiences ready to be lived, so, if you’re into mixology or tastings, you can be sure you’ll have a beautiful time. Also, if you’re just looking to be calmed they have an amazing spa with one of the best customer services in all of Cancun.

Book a private shuttle from Cancun airport to Garza Blanca and enjoy the ultimate relaxing experience in Cancun.

RIU Costa Mujeres

Moon Palace The Grand

The name speaks for itself, yes, but I’m going to expand on this for the sake of information. This is not only one of the most beautiful places we’ve ever been to (everyone here at Odigoo loves this place), but also one of the biggest resorts in the great Mexican South-West.

In Moon Palace The Grand, a huge facility awaits for you at this enormous terrain where a Spa and Golf Course are part of the main topic to visit this hotel, but to me is only a small part of it, as you can also swim in an olympic size professional pool, relax at a pool complex that will probably take away your breath and, more than anything, grab a bite at one of the multiple luxurious gourmet restaurants that bring stupefying international and Mexican food to your table at every breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner time.

Moon Palace

Here you’ll find a variety of options to have fun by night, as there’s nightclubs or karaoke bars for you to dance and sing your soul out loud. Also, you can grab a couple drinks while bowling with your friends or significant other if you’re feeling in the mood for a little competition.

Fun and relaxation at this huge location are just a ride away in a private shuttle from Cancun airport to Moon Palace Grand hotel.

Fairmont Mayakoba

The greatest feature of this hotel is probably its Golf Course, a space designed by professional golfer Greg Norman, who was embedded in making this course an extremely fun experience for every passionate golfer out there. Fairmont Mayakoba hosted the first latin american LIV Golf League Tournament las February 2023, where professionals from all over the globe gathered to give golfing a spectacle and “drive” people crazy.

Moreover, this hotel is located within an enclosed community, thus bringing every possible bit of privacy you will ever need while staying at the Mexican Mayan Riviera. This hotel is a safe haven for those who visit Mexico any time of the year.

Pristine water awaits at this amazing, elegant and beautiful place called Fairmont Mayakoba, a peaceful sanctuary between Cancun and Playa del Carmen.

Book your shuttle from Cancun airport to Fairmont Mayakoba to enjoy the beauty of a private location.


This magical place is an alluring reference to Spanish architect Anton Gaudí’s work, and it will leave you speechless as soon as you step in. Architects from all over the world come to this place and marvel at the remarkable ideas for the building of these spaces.

Azulik is a particular kind of blend, as it is completely submerged into a culture of magical thinking, of wellness and new-age propositions that are surely engraved into this hotel's decor and concepts. This is a place where you’ll be able to connect, not only with others like you, but with yourself throughout the experimentation of nature and form.

From Alchemical cuisine to Haute Mayan cuisine, Azulik is proof that experimentation is the best when it comes to standing out, as you’ll be able to perform and live experiences like no other throughout the Mexican Caribbean.

Until Tulum’s airport becomes a real thing, the easiest way to get to Azulik is by booking a private safe transportation from Cancun airport to Azulik Tulum.

After reading this list, get ready to book a private shuttle to your destination and have fun vacationing in Cancun while you seek the best online hotel room booking deals.

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