Visiting Cancun This Fall Is An Excellent Idea!

Last Updated Oct 5, 2023

Cancun is an amazing place, packed with the most beautiful beaches in the world, as well as perfect weather for this fall.

Before we even start arguing about which is the best time to visit Cancun for an amazing beach vacation, let’s settle on this idea:

Summer is extremely hot and, if you are thick blooded like myself, you probably have suffered when traveling to Cancun at that time of the year. So… one can assume you probably spent your summer vacations elsewhere, right? Well… have you ever considered Cancun as an option for a fall getaway?

Think about it for a minute and consider these 5 reasons why Cancun vacations are a great idea during the fall.

Fall in Cancun is beautiful.

We couldn’t expect less coming from a place like Cancun. When you go visit there, be sure to look up to the skies. You’ll be amazed at how beautiful the clouds can get during this time of the year. Also, be aware at all times and look up when the sun goes down. The fall in Cancun brings golden-rose sunsets over the marvelous green lagoon called Nichupté, a place where you can go kayaking and be swallowed by the beauty of the latter mentioned sights.

Hotel Zone In Cancun

Best travel season in Cancun is fall… for those who love trees, history and leaves.

Yes, it is not only northern forest areas that can give amazing views when the leaves fall, and the tapestry of time becomes visible as a walkable-leave-cracking carpet over streets and patios.

The Caribbean has its own particular spectacle, and being there when this happens can make your trip to Cancun a really worthy experience. For those with a keen eye for the beautiful, Cancun’s trees bring eye watering scenes in the fall.

You’ll have trees like the Silk Cotton Ceiba tree, known not only for being the very first tree where Hernan Cortéz, and the conquerors tied up their ships when they got to Mexican land.

Poetically enough, the ceiba trees bring their own special leaves, an assortment of tiny white filaments that arrange into what look like small curved cotton spheres. This happens in the spring and summer, but by fall, well.. These filaments start falling to the ground and, soon enough, the streets are filled with this white-cottony substance that even gives a little reflection to sunlight and makes everything look fantastic. Therefore, I’m guessing that, to conquer Mexico, Cortéz and his people walked through a pathway already paved with cotton

La Ceiba

Another example of the importance of Ceiba trees in Mayan earth is “the legend of the Popol Vuh, a Mayan cosmogony, which tells that the creator gods planted their respective sacred ceiba trees in the four directions of the cosmos: to the East, the red ceiba; to the West, the black ceiba; to the South, the yellow ceiba; and to the North, the white ceiba. Finally, they planted a fifth ceiba at the center of all these directions. In the roots is where they placed the dwelling of the dead, at its base the earth that we, the living beings, inhabit, and in its branches, they established the abode of the gods. Meanwhile, at the top of its canopy resided the origin of all gods in the form of a celestial bird, the Quetzal.”

For a better look of this beautiful phenomena, you can book a private van from Cancun to a cenote, where you’ll be able to appreciate the majesty of these ancient-powerful trees.

Cancun’s attractions will be all for yourself!

Yes. Visiting Cancun, while you have a fall getaway can bring the opportunity to really enjoy things. I’ll give you a short list of things you can enjoy while there’s no clusters of people with kids running around and screaming. We’ve nothing against the latter -obviously-, it's just that sometimes one needs the quiet and space to think, lay down over a hammock, with a coconut margarita on the side, and blank the mind for a little while, right?

On the other hand, if you already have a family and what you need is a family vacation in Cancun, there are tons of fun activities to take advantage of, especially if you have kids and feel adventurous.

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So, without further ado, here goes the promised activities list:

Cancun Beach Relaxation.

Enjoy the sandy beaches, swim within the crystal-clear waters. You can sunbathe or simply take your favorite book and zip drinks by the turquoise views.

Mayan Ruins.

Take a transfer from Cancun to Tulum, and go explore, hike and experience ancient Mayan ruins. You can transport privately from Cancun to Coba, and/or Cancun to Chichen Itza to learn about the rich history of the region. You won’t regret this.

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving.

The Great Mayan Reef, the world's second-largest coral reef system. Here you’ll see coloured fish through crystal-clear waters. By fall this experience gets better as no one will be around and the fish tend to get closer.

Cenote Swimming.

Take a refreshing dip in one of the region's cenotes, natural sinkholes filled with freshwater, often surrounded by lush vegetation. In case I didn’t mention this before, you can transfer from Cancun to Puerto Morelos, where a Cenote route awaits for you to be amazed.


Visit eco-parks like Xcaret and Xel-Ha, where you can swim in cenotes and underground rivers, interact with wildlife, and experience cultural shows. These are experiences that everyone loves, but everyone goes there at other times of the year.

Water Sports.

Try exciting water activities such as jet-skiing, parasailing, or paddleboarding. There’s a bunch of these activities that you can do all over Quintana Roo, which is the home state for Cancun. Just grab a private transfer Tulum or any destination of your choice and you’ll find something to do.


World-class golf courses with stunning ocean views…

Nature Reserves.

Explore Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve or the Rio Secreto natural reserve to see diverse ecosystems and wildlife. Your Fall getaway to Cancun can be filled with joy if you just use Cancun as a basecamp and choose safe transportation to any of these incredible natural destinations.

Cenotes in Cancun

Boat Tours.

Fall is the perfect time of the year to take a Tour to Isla Mujeres, Cozumel, or Isla Holbox. Unlike Cancun, these Islands have strong cultural roots, amazing nightlife, beautiful views and culinary experiences that make the trip over there worth a shot. To get there you’d have to take the ferry at Puerto Juarez, the ferry at Playa del Carmen or the boats at Chiquila port.

Catamaran in Cancun


Experience the exhilarating nightlife in Cancun with its clubs, bars, and live music venues. There’s no place like Cancun if what you seek is hardocre partiying.

Yoga and Wellness Retreats.

Join a yoga or wellness retreat in Tulum, a place known for its holistic and tranquil atmosphere. Also there’s a lot of chamanic experiences like temazcales and cacao rituals you can experience while you have your fall getaway to Cancun.

Cancun is wonderfully safe in fall.

Cancun is a safe place all of the year, but it becomes even safer when the low season comes, as there’s null agglomeration, therefore accidents and bad experiences are reduced to the minimum within hotels and stays, so you won’t have to worry about having inconveniences, as low season also lowers the possibility for these to happen.

Día de muertos festivities happen during the fall.

If you haven’t heard of this I’m going to paint a quick picture for you:

Imagine all the colorful things you have seen in your life, now picture every Mexican delight you’ve ever eaten, now add some incredible make-up, costumes and a fascination for death as a celebration of life…

Now blend this all together and what you get is a couple of days of celebrating the spirits of the death, where there’s parties, offerings, as colorful and vivid as one can imagine, special foods made for the occasion (this means you’ll eat special tacos, pork stews, try sweet-sugary bread built-up like a skeleton, and drink smoked cempasúchitl mezcales). Also, people run around the streets in very Mexican costumes. For a better depiction see the image below.

Day of the Dead in Cancun

This is an experience that should not be missed. Xcaret hotel hosts an event that’s the perfect opportunity for you to go and see the magic of día de muertos for yourself. Getting from Cancun to Xcaret hotel in a private van is easy, and, trust me, once you get there you won’t regret the experience.

Save money on flights to Cancun.

Yes! Indeed! You can save money on flights and other things like transportation from Cancun airport to hotels and even your stay. Why? Well, as this is probably the lowest season of them all, in the fall prices and costs go as low as they get, so this is a nice time for those on a tight budget or -even- for those financially smart people who refuse to practice careless consumerism.

Regardless of your financial status, these are the main reasons why visiting Cancun during the fall is an amazing idea!

Comment or like if you enjoyed these words. You can contact us for any enquiries about your travels to Cancun, the Mayan Riviera or Tulum.

See you next time!

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