How To Get To The Festival Of Life And Death At Xcaret

Last Updated Nov 7, 2023

Xcaret’s Day of the Dead is one of the planet's most astonishing festivals. Are you ready to experience it? We'll guide you on how to get there.

Xcaret stands as one of the most iconic places in the Riviera Maya. Within its grounds lies one of the world's most fascinating and entertaining water parks. But it's not just about the water attractions; Xcaret offers excellent Mexican cuisine, refreshing drinks, and architecture seamlessly blending with the jungle and bodies of water.

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Moreover, Xcaret hosts some of the most significant year-end events in the region. Before we dive into the specifics, let's introduce you to Xcaret and its Festival of Life and Death Traditions, so you understand why this is a vital event in the Riviera Maya.

Where Does the Festival of Life and Death Traditions Take Place?

It all unfolds at Xcaret Park. This magnificent hotel and aquatic park is located in Playa del Carmen, just a 50-minute drive from Cancun Airport. Nestled within an extensive piece of jungle, Xcaret has been transformed to offer one of the world's most impressive experiences.

Designed by Mexican hands, Xcaret not only focuses on tourism but also the promotion of Mexican culture. It's dedicated to making the dream of experiencing Mexican culture in all its glory, to make this a reality for people from around the globe.

Xcaret is essential in this regard, not only for being one of the leading tourist destinations in Mexico but also because it represents a harmonious blend of the elements that make up this country.

Xcaret embodies perfect cultural syncretism, with influences from various architectural forms, from colonial haciendas to real archaeological sites and tunnels. This fusion results in a multicultural experience that beautifully illustrates how Mexican culture has absorbed diverse influences over time.

Dia de muertos en Cancún

Despite representing Mexico this park harbors a multitude of cultures within itself. From the architecture reminiscent of colonial-style haciendas to the structures, tunnels, and real archaeological sites, it imparts the latter mentioned multicultural essence, focusing on the appropriation of cultures, making it appear profoundly Mexican.

This makes it exceptionally appealing to visitors, as they can more easily appreciate the extensive cultural amalgamation that Mexico undergoes. This isn't just due to its geographical location, which acts as a funnel, but also because of how influences from all four cardinal directions have shaped the nation's behavior. This entirety, embodied in Xcaret, proves captivating to any visitor.

Life and Death Traditions at Xcaret

The Festival of Life and Death Traditions at Xcaret is a three-day celebration, showcasing the magic of the Day of the Dead, the famous Mexican celebration declared a UNESCO cultural heritage. During this event, you can explore:

Traditional Maya Food: Sample typical dishes like "pollo Pib" (oven-baked chicken), "cochinita," and chocolate, all served at affordable prices by the local communities.

cochinita pibil

Family Shows: Enjoy a series of performances, including theater, dance, ritual representations, and concerts, allowing you and your family to immerse yourselves in Mexican death celebration traditions.

Exhibitions and Workshops: The Interactive Hacienda hosts activities and crafts related to Mayan customs and traditions.

Special guest: Every year, Xcaret invites a Mexican state as a guest, with dedicated pavilions and offerings that honor the state's Day of the Dead traditions. This showcases the rich variety of customs and traditions throughout Mexico.

Who Can Attend the Festival of Life and Death Traditions at Xcaret?

The festival is designed for everyone, welcoming families and people of all nationalities. Ticket prices may vary depending on your location, so visit their website for special offers, promotions, and updated pricing.

How to Get to Xcaret for the Day of the Dead?

The easiest way is to take a private transfer from Cancun Airport to Xcaret. We recommend contacting our advisors, who can provide information on costs and schedule a transfer according to your preferred timing.

Gatherings on Day of the Dead

How to Leave Xcaret after the Day of the Dead?

You can depart in the same way you arrived. Either arrange with our specialized experience team for a private driver to take you from Cancun Airport to Xcaret, wait while you enjoy the festivities, or schedule two separate transfers to avoid the congestion of vehicles at the park.

Our recommendation is to book through our contact center, where our personalized experience agents can guide you on the best times and arrangements for your journey from Cancun Airport to Xcaret and back.

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