How To Get To Holbox Island From Cancun Airport?

Last Updated Mar 26, 2024

If you’re looking out for your next vacation, follow these amazing tips on how to get from Cancun to Holbox Island with Odigoo Travel. It has never been easier!

How to get to Holbox island is a fair question when it comes to traveling to this paradisiac spot of the Mexican Caribbean. And the reason for this question is simple geography:

Holbox is an Island, therefore, it’s not precisely in Cancun itself, rather on a spot about 90 minutes away, where you can take a ferry ride or a boat ride if you’re all about the thrill of local adventures.

So the first thing you need to do in order to get there is…

Isla Pájaros

Booking a private transportation from Cancun airport to Holbox island.

Step 1

Contact Odigoo travel experience experts!

Our agents are here to enhance the experience of your vacation even before you get to your destination. Why contact Odigoo? Well, because we’re a group of experienced travelers ourselves. This is the reason why giving you the most precise advice comes naturally for us.

Ask about our transportation services and the available offers at the time of your travel.

Once you get locked up on the ideas provided by our professional travelers, set a date and hour for your arrival at Cancun airport.

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Step 2

Book your private transfer to Holbox island in advance.

Why? Well, simply because it’s always better to get ahead of things! Especially if you’re traveling to a foreign country. Being cautious is part of the successful strategy of savvy travelers.

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Step 3

Plan ahead when traveling in safe transportation from Cancun to Holbox Island.

Brass tacks:

You’ll get off your plane flight and will be stepping onto an island already…

“Maybe you’ll be interested to know that Cancun is an island too? Read our free ultimate guide for Cancun islands here.

Then you’ll get to your shuttle operator where you’ll meet your driver. If you choose one of Odigoo’s options, your driver will receive you in a most professional manner. You will be treated like royalty, because at Odigoo is what we think you deserve! It’s the least we can do!

“Maybe you’re interested in taking a tour to Isla Mujeres and hopping on a luxurious Catamaran?”

Once you get into your van, you’ll begin your way to Holbox, but –in case no one informed you of this before–, well… You have an obligatory stop before Holbox and the place is called…

Amazing sunsets in Holbox

Chiquila, a mandatory stop before Holbox Island

The reason why this stop most happen is because the ferry, which is the right answer to the question “How to get to Holbox Island?” sets sail from this small town.

While there, –if you’re not in a hurry– take the time to go visit Yalahau Cenote or take a quick boat ride of the surroundings.


This is as far as the private transportation from Cancun airport to Holbox will get you. From this point and on a ferry ride will take you to your destination.

Let’s sum up!

First step is Contacting Odigoo Travel’s agents to get the support and tips you need to plan your perfect vacation. Secondly, book your private transportation from Cancun airport to Holbox island. Third: Plan ahead how to get to Holbox Island from Cancun airport. This is easy and interchangeable with step 2, as the order of these factors won’t affect your results…

…unless, of course, you choose not to follow the latter mentioned steps, book by yourself and drown inside the ocean of unreliable options that’s out there…

… it’s your choice…

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Jokes aside, these easy steps will get you through and on with the process of your transportation services. And it goes without saying that, when you’re getting back from Holbox to the mainland, you can repeat these steps and our agents will help you on how to get to Holbox island, as well as on how to get back from there to Cancun and visiting any of the incredible destinations the Mayan built and nurtured for everyone to enjoy!

Thank you very much for reading this and we hope to see you soon

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