Public Transportation In The Riviera Maya

Last Updated Oct 18, 2023

Are you planning a vacation in the Riviera Maya but don't know how to organize your movements? Don't worry: public transportation in Playa del Carmen is super efficient. It is the best option for those who come to the city for fun or business: it’s cheap, ecological and you won’t have to think about anything!

Cheap and ecological, you just have to hop on the bus or a van and you'll get around easily the Mexican Caribbean.

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Public transportation to get around Riviera Maya from the airport

It is very easy to get to Cancun and the other towns in the Riviera Maya from the Cancun International Airport using public transportation.

All four airport terminals have bus stations, so you don't have to cross the airport with all your luggage to get to the station. From here, you can get to Playa del Carmen directly downtown, or at the corner of Avenida Juárez and Quinta Avenida.

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Public transportation in Cancun: how much does it cost?

Public transportation in Playa del Carmen is very cheap. These are the prices:

  • 10 MXN (corresponding to 0.5 USD or 0.40 €) in the urban area;
  • 12 MXN (corresponding to 0.6 USD or 0.49 €) in the hotel area.

In addition to the prices, it could be useful for you to know public transportation’s hours of service, so that you can avoid finding yourself far from your hotel late at night, for example.

Public transportation in Cancun is active from Monday to Friday from 6:00 a.m. to 10:30 p.m., and from Saturday to Sunday from 7:00 a.m. to 10:30 p.m., both in the urban area and in the hotel zone.

Public transport in Cancun: how to find your way around

If you are afraid of getting lost in Cancun, it can be useful to know what the main roads are, so you will always know where you are and where to go, even without using Google Maps.

The main roads, from which you can reach all corners of the city, are these:

  • Boulevard Kukulkan: it is the most famous street where all the hotels where tourists stay are located;
  • Avenida de Tulum, is another important street. From here you can go wherever you want with public transport.
  • Plaza las Américas, is an important square in the urban area of Cancun.

Public transport in Cancun: is there more to know?

To make public transportation in Cancun even more fluid, we can advise you to always carry Mexican pesos coins or bills with you to facilitate the purchase of tickets. In fact, drivers cannot always change.

Also, tourists are seen as more vulnerable by thieves and bad guys, so keep your bags and belongings close at all times and keep an eye on them.

With these little precautions, you only have to enjoy your stay in the Riviera Maya!

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