Ventura Park

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Nestled on the beautiful coast of Cancun , Mexico, Ventura Park stands out as a unique amusement park, a family-friendly destination.

It's not your usual park—here, you get access to seven different worlds of fun, with an option of unlimited meals and non-alcoholic drinks. Conveniently located just minutes from Riviera Maya, it's the perfect spot for families looking for entertainment. Whether you're into water activities, zip lines, go-karts, virtual reality games, classic rides, or even swimming with dolphins, Ventura Park has something for everyone.

Did I get your attention? Keep reading to learn everything you need to know before booking your tickets!

Ventura Park Water Slides

Location And How To Get There

Ventura Park is an ideal spot for a relaxing and fun day with your family or friends during your vacation in Riviera Maya, as it is located at the Kukulcan Boulevard Km. 25, in Cancun’s Hotel Zone, quite close to all the main destinations.

If you're starting from Downtown Cancun by Hotel Zone and heading to Ventura Park, here's a simple route to follow. Begin by locating the roundabout situated between Av. Bonampak and Boulevard Kukulcan. From there, head towards Boulevard Kukulcan. Once you reach Kilometer 1 of the Cancun Hotel Zone, continue along Boulevard Kukulcan until you reach Kilometer 25. Depending on traffic conditions, this journey typically takes around 30 minutes. Keep an eye out for signs directing you to take the return toward Ventura Park, guiding you seamlessly to your destination.

If you're traveling to Ventura Park from Downtown Cancun via Boulevard Colosio, begin by heading south on the Federal Highway until you reach the intersection where Avenida Tulum merges into Boulevard Colosio. Look for the exit sign directing you toward the Cancun Hotel Zone. Once on the road interchange, expect the journey to take roughly 20 minutes from the intersection of Av. Bonampak and Boulevard Kukulcán. About 400 meters ahead, you'll enter Punta Nizuc-Cancún and veer eastward. After approximately 3.8 kilometers, you will see a sign indicating Dolphinaris; take this exit, and you'll find yourself at kilometer 25, where Ventura Park awaits on the right-hand side. Depending on traffic conditions, the entire trip should take around 25 minutes.

If your starting point is in Playa del Carmen, Puerto Morelos, or Tulum, begin by heading north on Carretera Federal Cancun-Tulum/Mexico 307. This main road, which is the only route between Tulum and Cancun, should be easy to locate. Don’t miss the exit to the Hotel Zone of Cancun on your right-hand side. Expect this part of the journey to take approximately 45 minutes from Playa del Carmen, 45 minutes from Puerto Morelos, and 90 minutes from Tulum. Once you've taken the exit, continue for about 400 meters until you reach Punta Nizuc-Cancún, where you'll turn eastward. After traveling approximately 3.8 kilometers, watch for a sign indicating Dolphinaris; take this exit, and you'll find yourself at kilometer 25, where Ventura Park awaits on the right-hand side.

Ventura Park Worlds

Ventura Park will surprise you with five different worlds that you can explore during your visit there. Each world is different and you can enjoy some of all of them, depending on your preferences and chosen ticket.

Wet'n Wild

Dive into Wet'n Wild , Cancun's premier world! Here, you'll find thrilling water slides like Twister and Kamikaze, perfect for adrenaline junkies. If relaxation is more your style, float along the Lazy River or catch some waves in the Wave Pool. Wet'n Wild also caters to little ones with the Kids Park or a big Wet Bubble to climb on, ensuring fun for the whole family.

Minimum height:

  • Kids Park 1 mt max.
  • Kamikaze 1.22 mts.
  • Bubble Up 0.95 min. – 1.50 max.
  • Twister, Double Space Bowl, Bubba Tub: 1. mt.

Ventura Park Rides

Fun World

Fun World is a paradise for kids and families. Here, you will experience the excitement of Cancun's only roller coaster, Hurricane, or enjoy classic rides like the Carousel and the flying swing chairs. It's a place where childhood memories are made and new adventures await.

Minimum height:

  • Hurricane 1.30 mts.
  • Crazy Chairs 1 mt.

Aaah! Ventura

Get ready for an adrenaline rush at Aaah!Ventura. Challenge yourself on the Tarzania roller coaster-zip line hybrid or soar across the park on the Caribbean Zip. With activities like River Zip Line and hanging bridges, there's no shortage of adrenaline-pumping thrills for the whole family. You can also bungee jump here!

Minimum height:

  • Tarzania, Caribbean Zipline, HeliJump, Skywalk, Step Up: 1.5 m
  • River Zipline, Free Fall Station, Bungee: 1 mt.

Grand Prix

Race against family and friends at Grand Prix, where you can zoom around the seaside track in individual or double go-karts reaching speeds of up to 25 miles per hour. It's a test of skill and speed that's sure to bring out your competitive spirit.

You need to be at least 14 to drive the individual go-kart or measure 1.10 mts. to go in a double one with an adult.

Ventura Park Go Karts


Step into the future at Underworld, Cancun's high-tech gaming center. Immerse yourself in virtual reality adventures like VR Evolution or test your spy skills in The Mission laser maze. Star Wars fans can live out their fantasies in the Star Wars Battle Pod, experiencing iconic battles from the original trilogy.

Minimum height:

  • The Mission 1 mt. , Laser Tanks 1.20 mts., VR Evolution 1.40 mts.

Star Wars Battle Pod

Each world offers a unique and thrilling experience, ensuring that every visit to Ventura Park is filled with excitement and adventure for visitors of all ages.

If you buy the VIP Pass, you will also be able to interact with Dolphins!

Ventura Park

Practical Info

There are 3 different types of packages you can purchase, starting from $41.30 USD price per adult and $34 USD per child to the most expensive one at $119 USD per adult and $99 USD per child. You can check the Ventura Park website for more details and book in advance with them to get the best deal.

When packing your backpack for the Ventura Park fun day, don’t forget the swimsuits, flip-flops, and closed shoes required for some attractions. You also need to pack clothes, as some worlds do not allow you to be in your bathing suits.

Don’t forget your towels, money for photos, souvenirs, and locker rental. It is always recommended to use a biodegradable sunscreen to protect the environment.

Ventura Park

Ready for an Adventure in Ventura Park in Cancun?

Does Ventura Park sound like fun? I’m sure it does, as it offers fun for absolutely everybody with its five unique worlds.

Having Fun in Ventura Park

Whether you're seeking adrenaline-pumping thrills, family-friendly fun, or futuristic gaming experiences, Ventura Park promises an unforgettable day of entertainment in the heart of Cancun. Don't miss out on this opportunity to create lasting memories with your loved ones. Book your tickets in advance and embark on the ultimate adventure at Ventura Park!

Tickets to Ventura Park

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