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Last Updated Dec 6, 2023

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But before we dive into luxury stays in Cancun, Tulum, and the Riviera Maya, let's get one thing straight:

We humans are naturally curious beings...

If you think about it, from time immemorial, humanitty have used luxury to showcase its power, its ability to acquire, accumulate, and satisfy its desires and complexes through opulence; from grand structures crafted with the finest materials to complex elements extracted from nature.

We've even dedicated our strength, intellect, and effort to adorn these structures with the most precious metals and embed them with the brightest, polished stones we could find in caves and mountains...

Amazing Puerto Morelos

Or the fact that we've chosen to carve wood into prominent figures immortalizing our ancestors and the rich history that has brought us to this point in time, where you and I, regardless of where or when we are, share this moment in which I write, and you listen to my voice in your head as you read.

You might be wondering, "Aren't we supposed to be reading about Cancun, Tulum, the Riviera Maya, and luxury accommodations in the Caribbean by now?"

Well, let me explain:

As a representative of Odigoo, before we delve into the main topic, I want to talk to you about luxuries...

What is everything I just mentioned if not the primitive vision of what luxury is today?

You may have never thought of it this way, but humans are accustomed to luxuries, whether on a grand scale or a modest one, and in truth, luxuries make up a significant part of what defines us as a species:

Hotel Zone In Cancun

Wearing clothes, shoes, or glasses, devices to read Odigoo's incredible blogs, without driving a car, flying on an airplane, going to the movies, taking a yacht tour to Isla Mujeres - we would not have luxuries, from the simplest item to the most expensive private jet flight, everything you know is a luxury from the practical side of things.

So, with that preamble aside, thinking about the impact of our luxury visions on buildings, this list aims to give you the opportunity to discover the luxury stays in Cancun, Tulum and the Riviera Maya, and why it's a fantastic idea to stay at one of these the next time you're in the area.

If you're a connoisseur of serious luxuries, a hardcore fan of breathtaking views, modern architecture, Beverly Hills-style villas, private chauffeurs and chefs, and gazing at the stars in the midst of a jungly night, this article was tailor-made for you by the artisan hands of this humble writer. Enjoy this list of luxury stays in Cancun and its surroundings as much as I enjoyed writing it. I've narrowed the selection down to just three accommodations, chosen elegantly, with care and detailed precision, just like everything that's elegant.

Without further ado… here it goes!

Villa Sha

This is a place that will captivate mystery enthusiasts, as it's far removed from Cancun's hotel zone and downtown. Villa Sha is nestled in a Cancun spot that's more akin to a fishing village, with a narrow street lined with palm trees, houses, and boats. But once you step inside, everything changes.

The best luxury stays in Cancun and its surroundings

This ocean-view retreat can accommodate over 16 guests, boasting 6 bedrooms, 13 beds, and 6.5 bathrooms. It features an Aztec-inspired façade, an ultra-modern kitchen, and comes with a personal chef, butler, and daily cleaning. With its smart stay technology, mixologist, and waitstaff, a getaway to this place is undoubtedly the luxury you're seeking on your Cancun escapade.

To reach this accommodation in Puerto Juárez, the best way is to hire a private driver service to take you from Cancun Airport to Puerto Juárez.

Villa La Gran Tortuga

Those in the know say this accommodation is one of the best and most sought-after in all of Mexico. And it's not hard to see why, from its exclusive location to the stunning structure made of enormous palapas, a magnificent oceanfront pool, and impeccable finishes, this place is a true gem.

The nearest town is a 40-minute drive, so make sure you're well-prepared or inform your private chauffeur to be ready for transfers from Villa La Gran Tortuga to Puerto Aventuras whenever you feel like dining at the incredible restaurants and nightlife bars in that town.

This luxury accommodation in Cancun and its surroundings, with its outdoor pool, ocean view, 5 bedrooms, and the most impressive location in the Mexican Caribbean, is exactly what you're looking for on your luxurious vacation. Don't miss out.

The best luxury stays in Cancun and its surroundings.

To get there, you can hire one of our private chauffeur services from Cancun Airport to Villa Sha

Casa Maya Kaan

One of the world's most wanted destinations is Tulum, just a couple of hours from Cancun. Tulum, known not only for its colorful beaches and golden sun but also for its distinctive architectural style that has become its hallmark.

Casa Maya Kaan embraces Tulum's architectural characteristics and adds a touch of Boho chic luxury that gives this place its unique charm. It's filled with magical spots to explore, making it exceptionally livable. You can spend your evenings on the pier, head to the rooftop to gaze at the stars, or simply dip your feet in the ocean while admiring the beauty of this place. Plus, you can indulge in kayaking, paddleboarding, and snorkeling.

The best way to reach this place is by booking a private transportation service from Cancun Airport to Tulum, ensuring that your driver picks you up at the airport upon arrival and safely takes you to one of the most incredible accommodations in the world.

Luxury Transfer from Cancun Airport

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Don't miss out on these luxury stays in Cancun!

You've just read the best list of luxury accommodations in Cancun, a list that the Odigoo team highly recommends if you're looking for not just an adventure, but a retreat away from the crowds, filled with unforgettable experiences. These accommodations are the cream of the crop in the region, leaving you with a pleasant sense of rest and relaxation, purposefully designed for your comfort and that of your companions.

If privacy is what you seek, we suggest booking your private chauffeur service from Cancun Airport to any of these destinations and enjoy while our specialists take care of the rest.

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